Campervan Conversions, Ireland


Side window sloped left
Side window sloped right
Flat pane with iced edging
Raised pane with iced edging
Flat pane with plain edging
Raised pane with plain edging
Full hinge
Part hinge
We have a large range of windows in stock. Please call to check for exact sizes. Please have the following information before you contact us to help us process your query faster.
1. The type of window (i.e. bathroom, front, side, etc.)
2. The pane type (flat or raised)
3. The edge type (plain or iced)
4. The hinge type (full or part)
5. The measurements of the window
Please see photos for examples of different pane, edge and hinge types (click or hover over photos for description).

Average Prices for Full Hinged Windows(based on width in mm)
400mm - 499mm €45
500mm - 599mm €50
600mm - 699mm €60
700mm - 799mm €70
800mm - 899mm €80
900mm - 999mm €90
1000mm - 1099mm €100
1100mm - 1199mm €110
1200mm - 1299mm €120
1300mm - 1399mm €130
1400mm - 1499mm €140
1500mm - 1599mm €150
1600mm - 1699mm €160
1700mm - 1799mm €170

Please contact for details.

Delivery - 5 working days - contact us before buying for delivery cost.

Payment methods Paypal, credit/debit cards, use add to cart below or contact for bank transfer information.